Rustic group stay summer, hunting & snowmobile ranch


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Cabins: Most of the buildings are original from the 1930’s, and are rustic.  There are single beds with mattresses and fitted sheets in all of the cabins.  Bring sleeping bags.

Electricity: Now available 24 hours per day via a solar plant. Please do not use heavy amperage items like curling irons, hair dryers, electric skillets, etc, but feel free to use lights and charge telephones as needed.

Cell Service: There are no phone lines to the ranch, but At&t service is available at the entrance to the ranch at the cattle guard.  The signal is spotty at the cabins or lodge.  Verizon is available approximately 4 miles from the ranch.

Bathhouse: There is a segregated men and women bathhouse with sinks, toilets, and showers with hot water.  The bathroom is lit with a photovoltaic solar system so there is light available all night.

Kitchens: The lodge has two kitchens with an enormous collection of cooking utensils, pots, pans, coffee makers, dishware, mugs, silverware, etc.  If you need it, we probably have it.  There are 4 refrigerators, 5 sinks, one huge propane griddle, and 2 cook stoves with ovens.

Dining Room: 1 long and two medium tables will sit 30 people.  There is additional space throughout the lodge for more eating space.