Rustic group stay summer, hunting & snowmobile ranch


In an effort to help us keep the facility in working order we have a few simple rules:

Camp Fires:

Campfires may be built in the pavilion fire pit, if there is no Forest Sevice ban in effect.  Please use caution when building a fire.  Keep the fire to an appropriate size, and watch the weather for strong winds.  Put out the fire by drowning it with buckets of water.


Water is limited and replenished only when the generator is running.  Practice conservation.


Electricity is now available 24 hours per day via a solar plant. Please do not use heavy amperage items like curling irons, hair dryers, electric skillets, etc., but feel free to use lights and charge telephones as needed.


Stay on the trails and roads.  Do not exceed 10 mph on ranch property.

Buildings and furniture:

Over 70 years old, the furniture and buildings are antiques and irreplaceable.  Do not take the Lodge furniture outside.  All furniture on wood floors must have a felt pad on the legs.


Play your heart out, but do not move the piano: it scratches the floor.

Wood Floors:

DO NOT WET MOP THE WOOD LODGE FLOORS.   Dust mop only please.  The water seeps into the cracks and damages the wood.


Dogs are allowed, but not inside the Lodge.  You are expected to clean up pet waste in the immediate areas around the cabins, bathhouse and Lodge.  Pet pick-ups will be provided.


Horses are welcome.  However, they are not allowed in the vicinity of the Lodge, bath house or cabins.